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Success Stories

Summary: CargoNet received a call from an task force agent with NJSP. They entered a warehouse and recovered some beer stolen from NY. While there, they found some electric ranges and asked CargoNet if we had a matching theft. We did not but called Security Manager for the electronics company.  The Security Manager immediately recognized the loss and sent us the S/Ns and theft details, which NJSP confirmed as the units they were looking at. NJSP working with the Security Manager directly on getting the units returned.

Summary: This week, CargoNet broadcasted an intelligence alert regarding a suspicious phone number and email addresss. Following the broadcast a CargoNet member called the command center and let us know that they had just booked a load with the scammer detailed in the alert. Subsequently, following the alert the CargoNet member was able to cancel the load and kept their money.

Summary:A CargoNet member contacted CargoNet and wanted an alert put out on a logistics company, who stole a load from in Little Falls, NJ. They copied the logistics company on the email when they requested the alert be sent out and the suspect called the member to say he was returning the shipment now. The shipment was returned by the next day.

Summary: A detective with Humphreys’ County Tennessee Sheriff's Office, asked CargoNet for help with an incident they had. CargoNet proceeded to send out a LE Assist alert which included pictures of the suspects involved in the incident. Coral Springs Police Department responded immediately to the alert and had EVERYTHING on the suspects that were pictured in the alert. The Detective from Coral Springs knew them well and provided Humphreys’ County with everything they needed – Humphreys’ County was very grateful and told us, that the ability of CargoNet to get the information he wants to convey into the hands of the right people is unprecedented and any other similar service that might offer LE assists is nowhere near ours.

Summary: Between Saturday and Sunday, a tractor left from a Texaco Fuel Stop located at 8181 South Lancaster Road Dallas, TX 75241. This incident was initially entered into CargoNet from information a CargoNet analyst gathered from the Dallas PD public police report website.  Subsequently, the incident was re-entered by a CargoNet insurance member based on additional information received, it was now possible to issue an alert.  Believing that the insurance member was still an active member, an alert was prepared and distributed.  Shortly after the alert was sent out, a Deputy with Dallas County Sheriff's Department - Auto Theft Unit called and stated that he had seen the alert and had located the tractor in Dallas, TX.

Summary: CargoNet received a call from the GMTA late Monday night and was informed that a transportation company possibly had a missing driver moving a load of Oil products.  The transportation company contacted CargoNet and relayed additional details about the driver’s route and fuel card usage.  The GPS indicated the tractor was driving all over Memphis with 3 fuel stops in the area.  The pattern described is typical drug using/seeking behavior.  Additional details were gathered and relayed to a Memphis Cargo Theft Task Force agent.  Less than an hour after the information was relayed, the agent advised CargoNet that the trailer had been located with a significant amount of the oil product was still in the trailer.  The exact value and quantity of the product initially shipped and recovered is still being determined.  The driver and tractor are still missing, but believed to still be in the Memphis area.

Summary: Investigations led to a source-defendant, who engaged a U/C looking for a buyer of stolen merchandise described as a full trailer load of product. During the early morning  this subject made contact with the U/C and stated that he had 1,223 cases of coffee products for sale for $13,000.  The U/C made contact with the GBI Major Theft Unit SAC, John Cannon and a team of GBI – MTU Agents was assembled along with a team of Fulton County Police Department.  The U/C delivered a sample carton of the coffee and some paperwork for the load and arranged for the load to be delivered to a warehouse in Fulton County.  With the assistance of Keith Lewis of CargoNet, the broker, victim and the carrier for the load were identified and contacted.  At the time of contact, they were unaware their tractor, trailer and cargo had been stolen in Douglas County, Georgia.  The undercover operation was carried out and the stolen tractor, trailer and load of coffee products were delivered.   The GBI Major Theft Unit Agents and the Fulton County Police Department recovered the stolen cargo and made two arrests. The defendant delivering the stolen load to the warehouse has three to four prior federal convictions for theft of interstate shipments dating back to the early 1990’s. Preliminary figures list the wholesale value of the recovered load at $100,948. This effort between the private sector and law enforcement partners in SETSC resulted in the apprehension of two suspects and a full recovery of the stolen cargo.  

Summary: Between an investigator and a CargoNet analyst, CargoNet identified where a disgruntled driver lived and sent the police to investigate. Upon investigation the police informed CargoNet where we could find the tractor, which was determined to be vandalized by the trailer and blatantly abandoned with hopes someone would steal it (keys left in ignition, doors unlocked). We traced the trailer to a truck stop in Gary, IN, where it was sitting safe and sound. The CargoNet member preceded to pick up the trailer and deliver it shortly thereafter.

Summary: CargoNet received a phone call from an NICB Special Agent. NICB had received a packet of pictures of lumber and other building materials being stored at a lot in Dallas, TX. Dallas PD believed the goods at the warehouse were stolen, but needed to find a victim before getting a warrant. NICB saw a CargoNet alert on a tractor, trailer, and cargo theft in Arlington, TX and thought it might be related. The Special Agent forwarded CargoNet the packet, which we positively matched to some products a member had stolen from the Arlington, TX theft. We obtained permission from NICB to send the pictures to the victim and asked her if any of the products might be theirs without telling them that we thought we had matches. The victim positively identified the products and obtained a packing list from the shipper which further confirmed the product was from the Arlington theft. NICB contacted the Dallas PD Detective and the stolen product was returned.

Summary: CargoNet was contacted by a detective with LAPD about the recovery of several products from several locations in the Los Angeles area. Three of the products listed were thefts involving 3 separate CargoNet members (16-18 pallets of Jalapenos, 3 pallets of Energy Drinks, and an unknown amount of Dry Roasted Pecans. CargoNet also assisted with linking LAPD to victims of thefts that were not reported to CargoNet including a load of spices belonging to a victim in California and a load of Almonds belonging to another victim in California.