The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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Outcome: CargoNet assisted NICB with identifying stolen products.

Summary: CargoNet received a phone call from an NICB Special Agent. NICB had received a packet of pictures of lumber and other building materials being stored at a lot in Dallas, TX. Dallas PD believed the goods at the warehouse were stolen, but needed to find a victim before getting a warrant. NICB saw a CargoNet alert on a tractor, trailer, and cargo theft in Arlington, TX and thought it might be related. The Special Agent forwarded CargoNet the packet, which we positively matched to some products a member had stolen from the Arlington, TX theft. We obtained permission from NICB to send the pictures to the victim and asked her if any of the products might be theirs without telling them that we thought we had matches. The victim positively identified the products and obtained a packing list from the shipper which further confirmed the product was from the Arlington theft. NICB contacted the Dallas PD Detective and the stolen product was returned.