The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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"This is a great example of the industry supporting law enforcement operations through preplanning, the deployment of technology, and enhanced information sharing. The cooperation between CargoNet and CTIP is a great example of the sort of public-private partnership so critical to effective intelligence-led policing."  Sgt. Ken Huerta, California Theft Interdiction Program (CTIP)

“We really appreciate everything you all do over there. Your AlertSEARCH is an integral part of our vetting process and has given us the confidence to aggressively approach the marketplace. It is quite comforting knowing that you're all there for us when we need.“ Josh Fay, Logistimax

“The CargoNet services allow our company to provide more tools to protect our customers’ cargo. Just a few months ago, CargoNet was able to facilitate the recovery of a load valued at $40,000. They provide information and alerts to help us take appropriate measures on higher-risk loads.” Kenny Lund, Vice President of Support Operations, Allen Lund Company

“We’ve grown substantially since we joined CargoNet. We have a lot more trucks now than we had in 2012, we’re moving more freight, but we don’t have more cargo theft events. It has even gone down. When The Home Depot does have incidents, CargoNet has helped us recover our property very quickly, often within 24 hours. In one case, he says, an inbound vendor load being transported by The Home Depot was taken by its driver. We contacted CargoNet and 24 hours later, we had the full load back, recovering about $70,000 in products.” Mike Combs, Director of Asset Protection, The Home Depot

“This newly established relationship will strengthen our increased criminal interdiction efforts throughout Tennessee. With the information-sharing capabilities of CargoNet, State Troopers can conduct timely investigations, link recovered goods to owners, and remove criminals from interstates.” Colonel Tracy Trott, Tennessee Highway Patrol

“Security is an integral part of an operation, and it’s vital that NFI remains at the forefront of trends and challenges in cargo theft,” said Sandor Lengyel, Director of Security at NFI. “Our utilization of CargoNet allows us to not only prevent theft, but increase recovery rates throughout the industry via its information sharing program. By putting safety first and partnering with other leading-edge providers, we ensure customers are receiving the best service possible for a secure and successful supply chain.” Sandor Lengyel, Director of Security, NFI

"Since its launch in 2010, CargoNet has made huge strides in helping the transportation industry become better at developing cargo crime intelligence. The secure nature of the CargoNet system gives our members, their service providers, and their clients the necessary peace of mind to share data. That's a critical component of combating cargo crime. We strongly encourage our members to learn more about CargoNet, because if more people use the system, the better it is for all of us." Robert Voltmann, President, Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)

“Shippers can mitigate the risk of cargo theft by understanding what makes commodities easier to steal and taking steps to reduce theft. Working with CargoNet allows C.H. Robinson to add another layer to our risk management security plan, which adds value to our customers and contract carriers through business intelligence.” Chris McLoughlin, Cargo Risk Manager, C.H. Robinson

“Our value proposition as an industry leading logistics provider includes leveraging every resource available to us to have our customers’ cargo delivered timely and safely,” TQL President Kerry Byrne said in the release. “Our partnership with CargoNet is critical to reduce the overall risk of theft and increase the chances of recovering any product if a theft does occur.” Kerry Bryne, President, Total Quality Logistics

"CargoNet is leading the way in assisting shippers battle cargo theft by enabling firms to proactively share data to reduce the risk of theft and to improve the probability of recovery when cargo theft has been identified in real time, Cargo crime is an increasing problem in transportation and we are pleased to be working with CargoNet to provide increased security to our shippers." David Menzel, President and Chief Operating Officer of Echo Global Logistics

"At Coyote, we do everything possible to protect our customers' products and brands. When we have an issue with a stolen load, CargoNet gives Coyote a great service to help us achieve this protection. CargoNet provides us with the ability to quickly inform, mitigate, and recover, which is critical in an industry that is ever-changing. As we continue to grow, arrange, and manage more transportation for more customers, both Coyote and our customers have a better chance to reduce crime and claims by using CargoNet." Eddie Leshin, Chief Operating Officer, Coyote Logistics

“We’re excited about having a proven, reliable, and valuable resource like CargoNet available to law enforcement when conducting these types of investigations. By calling CargoNet, we were able to save a significant amount of time because within a matter of hours CargoNet was able to connect all the dots between the theft victim, the victim’s insurance company, and law enforcement. CargoNet’s assistance allowed our police supervisors and case managers to reallocate precious investigative resources to other pressing tasks.” Captain Brian Barrett, Commander Criminal Investigative Bureau, Union City Police Department

“We must break down the barriers that have allowed ineffective information sharing to play into the hands of criminals. CargoNet is a secure, central channel to quickly share cargo crime data and analysis with law enforcement.” Larry Monaghan, North America Logistics Director, LG Electronics

“CargoNet has paid off more than you can imagine. I am curious what our insurance company would do for us now that we are an active member with successful results.” Joel Squadrito, Corporate Security Director, Steel Dynamics, Inc.

“Since Sunteck Transport has been a member of CargoNet, we have benefited greatly. The expert team at CargoNet has assisted us with locating stolen equipment and cargo on multiple occasions. Their Law Enforcement alert network and subject matter expertise is second to none. When you add their prevention tips, intelligence and analytics we have received a return on our investment for the next 5 years and beyond.” Kim Watson, Director of Risk Solutions, Sunteck Transport

“RSI supports the efforts of CargoNet to reduce freight losses within the trucking, logistics, and warehousing industries. Through the joint efforts of the insurance and transportation industries, CargoNet has found answers to lowering the risk of cargo theft.”  Ben Thomas, Vice President, RSI Insurance Brokers.

“This newly established relationship will strengthen our increased criminal interdiction efforts throughout Tennessee. With the information-sharing capabilities of CargoNet, State Troopers can conduct timely investigations, link recovered goods to owners, and remove criminals from interstates.” Colonel Tracy Trott, Tennessee Highway Patrol "Our association has been a national leader in raising awareness and helping build public/private partnerships to combat organized cargo theft. Our joint endeavor with CargoNet adds unsurpassed analysis and reporting capabilities to our tool chest." Ed Crowell, President, Georgia Motor Trucking Association

“We joined CargoNet to provide us with greater visibility across different states and regions of the United States. It allows us to better identify areas that require additional security and when a theft does take place we're able to move quickly to recover the assets.” Aaron Henderson, Director of Loss Prevention, Penske Logistics

“As a key enabler of service quality and effective risk management, the CargoNet program fits perfectly into our unique and proprietary Supplier Quality and Compliance Program (SQC). As a dedicated team of logistics experts, we closely monitor our carrier network. CargoNet will further enhance our ability to reduce crime and protect our client’s freight.” Kelly Winters, Vice President, Kelron Logistics

“By joining forces with CargoNet, which is already working with carriers and police departments in the United States, we are able to provide a secure mechanism that will assist the Canadian trucking industry and police in better addressing many of the issues and recommendations identified in CTA’s report on cargo crime released a little over a year ago.” David Bradley, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Truck Alliance

“At Fetch Logistics cargo security is a continuous process and being a CargoNet member provides us with important tools and resources to assist us in our approach to cargo theft prevention. The CargoNet alerts, intelligence, analytics and educational content have become an important part of our due diligence. The program has assisted us in mitigating potential cargo theft events and keeps us in the proactive space where we prefer to reside." Gary Zoldos, Vice President - Corporate Development, Fetch Logistics, Inc.

“As part of our commitment to provide tangible benefits to our logistics clients, Integro formed a unique and strategic alliance with CargoNet. Since then, CargoNet has assisted many of our clients in the recovery of stolen cargo. In addition, CargoNet’s data analytics and theft prevention strategies have helped many Integro clients add multiple security layers to their risk mitigation programs. This success inspired Integro to provide complimentary CargoNet membership for clients enrolled in our Logistics Liability program giving them the tools and resources they need to succeed. It is our goal to create a security centric environment for our logistics clientele and CargoNet will continue to help us accomplish this.” Phillip DiChiara, Managing Principal/Global Practice Leader (Transportation & Logistics), EPIC Insurance Brokers 

“Cargo thieves tend to be organized and don’t seem to take a day off. It’s our responsibility and commitment to our clients to have that same approach, and be a constant advocate for the safety of their cargo. We’re taking a big step today in joining CargoNet, and excited about the added value for our clients.” Nathan Chew, President of Supply Chain Solutions, Range Logistic