The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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Outcome: Tractor, Trailer and Cargo with arrests of suspects and cargo valued at $100.948

Summary: Investigations led to a source-defendant, who engaged a U/C looking for a buyer of stolen merchandise described as a full trailer load of product. During the early morning  this subject made contact with the U/C and stated that he had 1,223 cases of coffee products for sale for $13,000.  The U/C made contact with the GBI Major Theft Unit SAC, John Cannon and a team of GBI – MTU Agents was assembled along with a team of Fulton County Police Department.  The U/C delivered a sample carton of the coffee and some paperwork for the load and arranged for the load to be delivered to a warehouse in Fulton County.  With the assistance of Keith Lewis of CargoNet, the broker, victim and the carrier for the load were identified and contacted.  At the time of contact, they were unaware their tractor, trailer and cargo had been stolen in Douglas County, Georgia.  The undercover operation was carried out and the stolen tractor, trailer and load of coffee products were delivered.   The GBI Major Theft Unit Agents and the Fulton County Police Department recovered the stolen cargo and made two arrests. The defendant delivering the stolen load to the warehouse has three to four prior federal convictions for theft of interstate shipments dating back to the early 1990’s. Preliminary figures list the wholesale value of the recovered load at $100,948. This effort between the private sector and law enforcement partners in SETSC resulted in the apprehension of two suspects and a full recovery of the stolen cargo.