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Success Stories

Summary: Stemming from a fictitious pickup  from Bolingbrook, Illinois (involving a CargoNet member) and a subsequent alert sent out by CargoNet the Illinois State Police (ISP) developed a Confidential Informant (CI). This CI brought information over to the Illinois State Police concerning the warehousing of said chocolate. Working off this CI and victim identification provided by CargoNet, the Illinois State Police raided a warehouse and recovered the load of Food Products, (chocolate) and a load of alcohol stolen out of Cicero, IL ( 2 tractors, and 2 trailers). The recovered loads will be returned to the victims. There were a few boxes of the food products missing, which were probably given out as samples, and some boxes of alcohol were also missing.

Summary: USDA/Bacon case – The end of May a $300,000 load of Applewood Smoked Bacon was reported stolen from Fontana, CA to CargoNet. CargoNet involved California Highway Patrol’s CTIP and later USDA OIG and Altoona, IA police department.  A recovery was made in Altoona, IA and the USDA reported that they are interrogating a suspect in the case.  In the following week USDA OIG contacted CargoNet to investigate a possible clothing theft that the suspect may be involved in, which could lead to further charges.

Summary: CargoNet received information that a tractor, trailer and cargo had been stolen. An alert was sent out and a member of the LASD located the trailer attached to an unrelated stolen tractor. The thieves changed the plates on the trailer. However the Sheriff's Officer became suspicious when the trailer was connected to a stolen tractor. The VIN matched what was indicated in the CargoNet alert and both vehicles were towed back to LASD yard. The tractor and cargo are still missing.

Summary: CargoNet received notice of a trailer theft from Franklin Park, IL. The trailer was equipped with GPS and logs show it briefly traveled to Summit, IL where it may have changed tractors and then drove straight for Philadelphia, PA. The GPS tracking device was not disabled until after it had reached Philadelphia. As soon as the trailer was confirmed to be in NCIC, CargoNet contacted Philadelphia PD and gave them the location of the trailer. The trailer was promptly recovered.

Summary: This week, CargoNet assisted in a criminal investigation by identifying the exact time of the theft of a tractor and trailer stolen over the weekend. The theft was thought to occur either on Saturday or Sunday. CargoNet asked the victim if the tractor had a SunPass device and helped the victim call SunPass and obtain logs of the device being used by the thieves. SunPass showed the transponder was used twice during the middle of the night on Sunday and helped law enforcement determine where the stolen equipment went to.

Summary: CargoNet broadcasted an alert for a stolen tractor out of Dallas, TX. After the broadcast, A detective with  the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department called to inform CargoNet that he had seen the alert and he had recovered the tractor the day before. CargoNet informed the Private Investigator of the recovery who in turn informed the victim.

Summary: A CargoNet forwarded an email from a CargoNet transportation member to the command center. The email stated that the CargoNet member’s trailer was dropped at a gas station in Graham, NC on a Wednesday  and reported stolen on Sunday. The member had called the gas station manager where the trailer was left and she said there was a great deal of police activity that Friday at 6PM but didn’t know why. She had surveillance but the police would not be picking it up until Wednesday. Additionally the trailer was not listed in NCIC. CargoNet called the police department, where a detective told CargoNet there were 3 other trailers parked near the CargoNet member’s trailer and a search warrant had been executed on a nearby trailer. The detective mentioned that the assistant manager on duty said she would be having the trailers towed from the yard because she did not want that kind of attention.  CargoNet then called the gas station manager and she told him that her assistant manager swore the CargoNet member’s trailer had already left and was not towed, but she provided CargoNet with the towing company’s information. CargoNet called the towing company and they confirmed that the trailer was indeed towed by them and secured in their lot.

Summary: A truck, trailer, and cargo of tires were stolen from a parking lot in New Albany, IN. The theft went unreported to the broker and insurance company for 10 days. Both parties were able to quickly provide a great level of detail regarding the theft – including pictures of the actual stolen truck and trailer – to CargoNet that day. CargoNet’s Command Center quickly released a BOLO on the equipment and several hours later, Louisville Metro PD called CargoNet to inform them the equipment and nearly all of the cargo was recovered with the help of FBI – New Albany, Kentucky State Police, and NICB. This textbook recovery speaks to CargoNet’s philosophy – actionable intelligence in the hands of the right people will prevent and help recover stolen cargo.

Summary: CargoNet broadcasted an intelligence alert regarding a suspicious phone number and email address: Following the broadcast multiple CargoNet members called the command center and let us know that they had just booked a load with the scammer detailed in the alert. Subsequently,following the alert the CargoNet member was able to cancel the load and kept their money.

CargoNet broadcasted an intelligence alert regarding a suspicious phone number. Following the broadcast a CargoNet member received a call from a “Frank” calling to setup his carrier. During the set up process, Frank provided them with a certificate of authority, insurance certificate, and W-9, which all looked to match up. However upon further review it was identified that the phone number provided by Frank matched the Intelligence Alert that had been distributed to members earlier that day. Subsequently, Frank’s application was declined and another theft was avoided!