The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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Outcome: Trailer and partial cargo recovery, $10,000

Summary: CargoNet received a call from the GMTA late Monday night and was informed that a transportation company possibly had a missing driver moving a load of Oil products.  The transportation company contacted CargoNet and relayed additional details about the driver’s route and fuel card usage.  The GPS indicated the tractor was driving all over Memphis with 3 fuel stops in the area.  The pattern described is typical drug using/seeking behavior.  Additional details were gathered and relayed to a Memphis Cargo Theft Task Force agent.  Less than an hour after the information was relayed, the agent advised CargoNet that the trailer had been located with a significant amount of the oil product was still in the trailer.  The exact value and quantity of the product initially shipped and recovered is still being determined.  The driver and tractor are still missing, but believed to still be in the Memphis area.