The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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Insurers use CargoNet in a variety of ways to help recover stolen cargo and to help policyholders reduce the chance of becoming victims of cargo theft.

Built by the insurance industry, for the insurance industry!

Who Benefits:


Assist Claims via

Back fill data
Expedite theft alert


Assists SIU via

Recovery support
Investigative support
Law enforcement network
Risk mitigation tools & resources


Assist Underwriting via

Cargo theft data analysis 
Decision making support
Identify client risk profiles:
lane/route, specific address,
region, and much more

Sales & Marketing

Assists Sales & Marketing via

CargoNet fee reductions for insured
Share tips & best practices
Deductible waiver
Off-set competitive landscape

How CargoNet Helps

Helping insurance companies in direct loss control on claims but also:

  • In arrests of suspects that steal your insured vehicles and cargo
  • Extra service to your insured that shows you care.
  • Providing valuable insight to cargo theft including possible suspects and recoveries.
  • Providing opportunities for restitution and/or subrogation.
  • Reporting risky insureds and situations with insured to SIU/underwriting.
  • CargoNet Alerts are received by more law enforcement agencies including fusion centers, cargo theft task forces, law enforcement chains of command, weigh stations, inspection checkpoints, PrePass terminals, and directly to patrol vehicles than any other private company. Walking away from CargoNet membership would eliminate a service that no other company can offer.
  • Inform you when your insureds have had their identity stolen or when your identity has been fraudulently used.
  • Collaborate and provide insight and information to your PI’s to help recover goods.
  • Communicate with Law Enforcement to ensure your losses are referred to the appropriate investigators and stolen vehicles are entered in NCIC correctly, which improves recovery rates.

CargoNet Insurance Members