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RouteScore API

What is RouteScore?

CargoNet’s RouteScore API uses a proprietary algorithm to generate a cargo theft route risk score that provide a relative measure of the likelihood that crime and loss will occur along any route in the US and Canada.
Cargo loss data combined with sophisticated modeling and analysis
With 10+ years of accumulative national cargo theft data, Verisk data scientists developed an AI solution that powers risk scoring before a trip starts based on various factors such as: type of commodity hauled, value, origin and destination, travel distance, day of the week, truck stop risk, holidays, seasonality, etc.

The RouteScore model assesses risks related to theft along a specific route. The risk score has a range of 0-100, with 100 being the highest risk. It is designed to help supply chain and insurance companies better understand their risk of cargo theft and provide them with decision-making support to better protect cargo from being stolen.

Robust Data, Powerful Analytics, Better Decisions:

  • Provides tangible insight from historical theft trends
  • Allows you to make data driven decisions
  • Illustrates best practices and give you and your customers a comfort level
  • Mitigate cargo theft insurance claims and stabilize your premium