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What is RouteSEARCH?

The enhancement features a unique new tool to help you visualize cargo theft risk along a specific route and enables CargoNet members to build customized routes and visualize cargo theft data along a specific lane. The system also allows you to change the radius, date range, layer truck stop locations and filter by commodity. Each commodity category has its own unique icon and each theft has detailed loss information available. Additionally, members can zoom into the street level and switch to satellite view to get visual confirmation of where cargo is stolen. RouteSEARCH is the ultimate location intelligence tool for supply chain security.

Key Benefits:

  • Leverage years of CargoNet's industry-leading supply chain theft data 
  • Understand and profile your exposure for specific commodities and locations 
  • Layer in truck stop data to find the best places to stop 
  • Compare alternative routes to lower risk 
  • Communicate to clients, carriers & insured the ability to provide risk specific to their products and routes 
  • Help sales generate new revenue using this new feature as differentiator 
  • Demonstrate to your clients YOU have proactive measures and a security centric culture

RouteSearch computer