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CargoNet Advantage Membership

DAT and EPIC Insurance have secured special pricing from CargoNet for their Cargo Theft Prevention and Recovery Membership Program. This special pricing offers reduced CargoNet subscriptions and is available for companies that subscribe to *DAT’s Logistics Liability Program only. 

CargoNet provides a layered solution to the cargo theft problem. It helps prevent cargo theft and increases recovery rates by facilitating secure information sharing among you, your business partners, and law enforcement.

Transportation companies are the primary targets of cargo theft and use CargoNet to:

  • reduce the risk of being the victim of cargo theft
  • quickly recover stolen cargo
  • improve service levels for shippers
  • demonstrate to clients a commitment to security

Transportation companies maximize CargoNet’s benefits by:

  • reporting cargo thefts to CargoNet’s 24-hour support center by phone, online, or through a system-to-system upload
  • analyzing cargo thefts and benchmarking against national theft patterns
  • using CargoNet’s theft prevention services to deter theft

*Available for new CargoNet Members Only.

The below section will help you better understand all of our membership features and benefits. Please make sure to expand on the below categories by clicking on the white arrow to view details and sample. 

CargoNet Recovery Network – The CargoNet recovery network is integrated with multiple law enforcement systems and works to quickly communicate pertinent cargo theft details agencies and cargo theft task forces on a local, state, regional and national level to assist in recovery efforts. View Sample

Investigative Support – The CargoNet operations team collects information to aid in member cargo theft investigations. The information collected is uploaded into the CargoNet database to assist law enforcement agents in the identification of stolen cargo.

CargoNet Operations Center - The CargoNet operations center, available 24 hours a day, becomes an extension of your security program.

Demonstrate to your clients that having a 24/7 operations center can assist with:

  • Recovery efforts
  • Communicating with law enforcement agencies
  • Identifying stolen cargo
  • Faster reporting
  • Data collection and aggregation
  • Administrative support
  • Cargo theft report generation
  • Hostage Load Support
  • Pre Pass
  • Post-theft data aggregation: (Serial numbers Lot numbers SKU numbers Product Descriptions)

Member Alerts - CargoNet members receive theft alerts and alerts regarding

Education/ Awareness

  • Tips and Best Practices View Sample
  • Quarterly Webinars
  • White Papers
  • Cargo Security Training Videos
  • Holiday Advisories View Sample

Weekly Newsletters View Sample - CargoNet members receive Weekly Newsletters which include:

  • Weekly Incident Reports View Sample
  • Weekly Theft Trend Analysis
  • Industry News Events

Theft deterrent decals and pocket-tip cards provide carriers and drivers best practices to follow post theft event and 24 hour driver support.

  • Theft Deterrent Decals* – CargoNet members who are asset based motor carriers can utilize CargoNet decals for their power units and trailers View Sample
  • Driver Awareness Cards* – CargoNet member employees are provided with quick reference cards that give them the information they need and steps to take should they become a cargo theft victim.
*Available for purchase

tip cards front

Static Reports – Quarterly and Annual reports providing you with detailed analysis of cargo theft trends by: View Sample

  • Cargo Theft by State
  • Cargo Theft by Day of the Week
  • Cargo Theft by Location
  • Cargo Theft by Commodity Type
  • Cargo Theft by Commodity Breakdown
  • Cargo Theft by Loss Value Range
  • Cargo theft report generation
  • Cargo Theft by Theft Type
  • and much more

Monthly Truck Stop ReportsView Sample

Decision Making Support – The use of cargo theft analytics can help you make better business decisions by helping identify the theft risk by, commodity, day of week, value, etc.

CargoNet 2.3 – CargoNet’s database receives and integrates cargo theft data from law enforcement, insurers, transportation companies, manufacturers, and retailers. Theft victims, insurers, and law enforcement may enter data online using internal investigation and claims management systems or industry wide databases such as ISO ClaimSearch. Theft victims may also call CargoNet’s 24-hour call center.

cnet analytics example   cnet dashboard example


AlertSEARCH - AlertSEARCH provides advanced search functionality to actionable intelligence within the CargoNet database. It can be utilized to directly reduce your chances of becoming a cargo theft victim. AlertSEARCH allows you to search CargoNet's extensive archive of alerts by any suspect name, phone number, email address, and much more. Ultimately, anything you can think of can now be searched and used to help you avoid identity theft, fictitious pickups, other transportation related scams and aide in your carrier validation efforts. Learn More


RouteSearch – CargoNet user will be able to build routes, customize them, and visualize up to two years of theft data in a radius around the route. Each commodity category has its own unique icon and each theft has detailed loss information available. Members can examine all thefts in an area or limit them to specific commodities. Zoom all the way into a street level and switch satellite view on to get visual confirmation of where cargo is stolen. RouteSEARCH is the ultimate location intelligence tool for supply chain security. Learn More


Member Portal - The member portal aggregates our weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cargo theft reports, truck stop theft locations, webinars, tips and best practices, member discounts, online training and more.

Marketing Value– CargoNet members use CargoNet's logo on their:

  • Websites
  • Email Signatures
  • Business Cards
  • Collateral
  • and much more...

Making a Difference

  • Legislation Support – CargoNet provides cargo theft analytics to aid associations and law enforcement to lobby for stricter cargo theft penalties.
  • Arrests & Convictions – Due to our investigation support we have aided law enforcement in arresting dozens of cargo thieves since 2010.

Preferred Pricing– CargoNet members receive discounts and preferred pricing from multiple security vendors that offer products such as consulting, tracking devices, monitoring, locks, seals, secure yards, background screening, investigations, security escorts, and more.

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“As part of our commitment to provide tangible benefits to our logistics clients, EPIC formed a unique and strategic alliance with CargoNet almost a decade ago. Since then, CargoNet has assisted many of our clients in the recovery of stolen cargo. In addition, CargoNet’s data analytics and theft prevention strategies have helped many EPIC clients add multiple security layers to their risk mitigation programs.  It is our goal to create a security centric environment for our logistics clientele and CargoNet will continue to help us accomplish this.”
 Philip DiChiara,  Managing Principal and Global Practice Leader, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants


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CargoNet 2.3
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