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We are hopeful this CargoNet Courtesy Alert is beneficial to you and your business. It’s one small example of how CargoNet members understand and manage their risks related to cargo theft.   

Take a look at other examples of our Member Alerts - CargoNet members receive theft alerts and alerts regarding Theft events,  Suspicious activity, Fictitious pickups, Identity theft, Reverse 911, etc.

Incident Description Between 1/11/19 and 1/13/19 at 12:57 PM, a tractor and empty trailer were stolen from the parking lot of a truck stop located on SW Highway 484 in Ocala, FL.  The driver reported seeing the units at the incident location on 1/11/19. When he returned for them on 1/13/19, the units were no longer there. The local tow company contracted by the truck stop was contacted however the units were not towed. There was a GPS tracker installed on one of the units however that unit was not reporting a location and may have been disconnected.