The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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Outcome: Assisted a Member by Engaging with Local Law Enforcement Resulting in a Full Recovery

Summary A 7:00 AM on Thursday morning CargoNet received a call from a member stating that they had a driver on a load from Port Wentworth, Georgia to Gaston Alabama.  The driver had a dispute with the owner and left the truck at a truck stop in Savannah, Georgia the product was fiber for a tire manufacturing plant. If the manufacturer didn't receive the product the plant would have to be shutdown. The local police wouldn't get involved because the trailer was not on NCIC. The GBI would not get involved because the trailer was not stolen it was located and viewed as a civil matter. CargoNet then proceeded to ask our member to conduct a three-way call with the local police department and CargoNet.  CargoNet spoke to the responding officer and explained the situation to her which helped her come to the conclusion that it was a theft by conversion. CargoNet then passed the conversation back to the member who was able to coordinate with the police to secure an acceptable tow yard to off load and then transport the load to manufacturer.