The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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Outcome: Assist law enforcement in identifying a victim and recovering products stolen from 4 different thefts

Summary: Last week, CargoNet was able to help law enforcement identify a victim and recover products stolen from 4 different thefts. All 4 thefts, one of electronics in Florida and 3 of various apparel in Washington, were on file in CargoNet's database and analysts were able to quickly match the information law enforcement had received to losses on file.   Three of the recoveries were out of state losses from which the product might have never been identified as stolen without the kind of bond between private industry and law enforcement that CargoNet facilitates. In all of the cases, CargoNet was provided detailed load information by the victims prior to law enforcement inquiring about the product, which greatly sped up the agency's ability to start working towards recovering the product. Total quantities and recovered values are still being calculated, but it is estimated to be in the 6 figures.