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Success Stories

CargoNet broadcasted an intelligence alert regarding a suspicious phone number. Following the broadcast a CargoNet member received a call from a “Frank” calling to setup his carrier. During the set up process, Frank provided them with a certificate of authority, insurance certificate, and W-9, which all looked to match up. However upon further review it was identified that the phone number provided by Frank matched the Intelligence Alert that had been distributed to members earlier that day. Subsequently, Frank’s application was declined and another theft was avoided!

Summary: A CargoNet analyst received a call from Keith Lewis. asking him to call a transportation member regarding an identity theft of a small carrier. The thief attempted to receive a fuel advance but the member confirmed that he was not at the shipping location and refused the advance. Due to a timely alert the transportation member was able to avoid the theft.

Summary: CargoNet broadcasted an intelligence alert regarding a suspicious phone number and email address.  Following the broadcast a CargoNet member called the command center and let us know that they had just booked a load with the scammer detailed in the alert. Subsequently, following the alert the CargoNet member was able to cancel the load and kept their money.

Summary:  CargoNet received a call from a member at 7:15 PM on a Thursday. The member advised of a missing driver who was hauling a load of frozen chicken. The driver was last heard from in the early morning hours when he received a $100 check advance. The delivery appointment at the port was missed and based on the details it was suspected the driver had gone on a drug binge. The CargoNet team member knows the area of Atlanta where the check was cashed and then contacted De Kalb County Police. CargoNet’s Keith Lewis met the officers at the location and identified the stolen vehicles and cargo. The seal was intact and refrigeration unit was still running.   The suspect was still located in the driver seat of the truck when Keith and the police showed up. He was removed from the vehicle and questioned. He stated that he paid the driver $100 in crack cocaine and was in the process of looking for a buyer. The tractor and trailer were towed, returned to the carrier, and still made its delivery on time. In addition, one arrest was made. 

Summary:  This week, CargoNet assisted in the recovery of a trailer and cargo of beer stolen from a truck stop in Georgia. Law enforcement had found the trailer suspicious and determined the license plate had not matched the trailer it was attached to. This practice is known as “cold plating”. Law enforcement secured the scene and checked the trailer for a VIN, which they determined was stripped off the unit, a big indicator of a stolen vehicle. The trailer was opened and discovered a full load of beer. CargoNet was called and asked to find a matching theft, while the law enforcement agency called the trailer manufacturer to get the unit’s full VIN from a hidden partial VIN under the trailer. The manufacturer provided the full VIN, which the law enforcement agency matched to an active stolen vehicle. With this information, CargoNet was quickly able to identify the theft and assist the law enforcement agency in the recovery more than a year after the theft.

Summary: CargoNet’s analysts were able to successfully track down the victim on an unreported theft of snack foods. A law enforcement partner contacted CargoNet after they entered a warehouse and recovered pallets of the product, which were stolen about 3 weeks before. CargoNet received pictures of the recovered product and were able to identify the victim through industry contacts.

Summary:  One of the advantages of an expansive membership base is that the same information flows in from multiple sources and perspectives. Over the weekend, CargoNet received law enforcement sensitive intelligence about a possible cargo theft in the Southeastern region of the U.S. law enforcement officers were confident of the information they received, but could not yet identify a victim. Early Monday morning, a CargoNet client called to report the exact theft law enforcement was looking to identify. It was revealed that the theft involved a second member that was unaware of the situation, as the carrier hadn’t given notification to them yet.   The intelligence information CargoNet received allowed the Command Center to quickly identify the situation when the theft was reported early Monday morning and gave advance notification to another victim that wouldn’t have known about the theft otherwise. 

Summary: Continuing from the assist and investigation, the warehouse in Dallas, TX that the NICB Special Agent contacted CargoNet about was raided. CargoNet’s assistance in identifying the stolen products was a key factor in the Arlington and Dallas Police Departments ability to secure a warrant. The victim informed CargoNet that not all of the lumber was in the facility but at least we got a partial recovery.

Summary On a stolen trailer and full load of computer accessories were recovered at the a Fuel Station in Linden, TN. The trailer had been dropped at that location after being stolen from Hurricane Mills, TN which is approximately 33 miles away.  Law enforcement was called to the scene of the recovery due to an altercation .  The group fled prior to the arrival of law enforcement.  In addition to the recovery, the Detective from  the Humphreys County Tennessee Sheriff's Office assisted in identifying suspects in the theft after receiving photos from the Kentucky State Police after learning of the theft from the CargoNet theft alert.  

Summary:  A missing driver was reported to CargoNet. The driver disappeared with a tractor and trailer loaded with portable storage units after his fuel card was denied in Lancaster, TX. Shortly after an alert was broadcasted, the North Texas Auto Theft Task Force called CargoNet and informed that they located the trailer at a gas station in Dallas, TX. The portable storage units were still intact when recovered.