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Kentucky Trucking Association and CargoNet

The most frequently asked question we receive related to CargoNet membership from KTA members is:

Am I CargoNet member by virtue of my KentuckyTrucking Association Membership?

, although CargoNet and the KTA have a strategic alliance and similar goals such as helping the transportation and logistics industry reduce their chances of becoming a theft victim, CargoNet operates independently from the KTA. The best way to explain what it is you receive from CargoNet as a KTA member and what you receive as a direct CargoNet member is illustrated in the below charts.


 CargoNet Member Benefits

KMTA_logo_no_text.jpgKTA Members


Abbreviated Reports
As an KTA member you will receive abbreviated versions of our; quarterly theft reports, holiday advisories, and the occasional cargo theft alert.

Report Cargo Theft
CargoNet will enter the event into their database for the purpose of supporting law enforcement in their recovery efforts and record for analytical purposes. If the theft details are robust, actionable and timely they will disseminate a theft alert through CargoNet’s Law Enforcement communication platform during normal business hours.


24/7/365 Command Center
You have been a victim, now what? CargoNet analysts are subject matter experts and become an extension of your security program.


Law Enforcement Alert System
Our alert system has the capacity to reach over 120,000 officers and 9,000 law enforcement agencies, providing the right information to the right people, in the right amount of time.


Prevention & Recovery Training
CargoNet’s training component offers best tips and practices, training webinars and videos, white papers, holiday advisories, podcasts, on-line training modules and more.


CargoNet Web Portal
CargoNet members receive unlimited access to historical weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually intelligence reports.


CargoNet Database
Members receive access to their own version of the CargoNet database, with report statistics and information on every theft event reported to CargoNet.


Cargo Theft Data Analytics
Members can leverage our intelligence products to analyze cargo theft data to help you understand your risk in advance.


Investigation Support
CargoNet analysts work with our member victims and law enforcement to streamline investigative support and assist in the recovery of assets.


Marketing Opportunity
Members can use CargoNet’s logo for e-mail signatures, marketing collateral and business cards demonstrates to clients and prospects you take cargo security seriously.


Cargo Theft Alerts
Anyone can report a new cargo theft loss, but members will receive a response 24/7. An analyst will work with you to gather required documentation to notify law enforcement about the theft and enter the theft into the database for query by all Analysts and law enforcement officers.


Intelligence Alerts
Receive alerts about criminal activity in a certain area, new types of cargo theft, suspicious activity, scams and more.


Reverse 911 Support
CargoNet will provide investigative support to any law enforcement agency seeking a theft victim in order to help recover your stolen goods.


Missing/Rogue Driver Alert
CargoNet analysts will leverage various databases to check for impounded vehicles, arrests etc. Analysts will also attempt to reach out to driver and work to resolve the situation. If a solution cannot be found, analysts will generate an alert to law enforcement about the incident.



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