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Report a Theft to CargoNet: Non-Members

Before Reporting a Theft Please Read the Below Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I report a cargo theft event to CargoNet?

CargoNet is pleased to align ourselves with various industry associations in an effort to collect, analyze and identify high risk targeted commodities and areas across the United States. CargoNet is owned by Verisk Analytics and is one of the nation’s largest data analytical firms that focus on risk management and decision making support. With their expertise we hope the collection efforts and analytics can aid the in lobbying for stricter cargo theft penalties at the state and federal level. We ask you report cargo theft events through the below submission form which will allow CargoNet analyst to collect and analyze theft trends.

After I report a theft, what can I expect as a non CargoNet member?

Once you submit your theft, CargoNet will enter the event into their database for the purpose of supporting law enforcement in their recovery efforts and record for analytical purposes. If the theft details are robust, actionable and timely they will disseminate a theft alert through CargoNet’s Law Enforcement communication platform during normal business hours. Another benefit is the theft event data resides in the CargoNet database; where law enforcement and CargoNet analyst can attempt to match a victim with recovered products.

*Although CargoNet will share theft intelligence with CargoNet members, they will brand protect member alerts. Meaning if 123 Trucking Inc. (Association Member) is a victim and reports a theft their company name, driver and customer details will be masked to all parties other than law enforcement.

Report a Theft Form