The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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Outcome: Full Recovery and Two Arrests

Summary: Last week, a theft of truck tires from Thompson, GA was reported to CargoNet. After gathering all of the information needed the CargoNet Command Center put out a Cargo Theft Alert. Which was promptly received by a Florida Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement (AgLaw) Officer.  The officer proceeds to investigate by patrolling through a nearby truck stop where he locates the abandoned trailer and cargo. The officer contacts CargoNet and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation with an update on the stolen trailer.  

Following the update CargoNet reaches out to the victim member and notifies them that the trailer and cargo has been located and informs them that the FL AgLaw would like to pursue further via a sting operation hoping to catch the thieves. The member obliges and the officer initiates surveillance. Around 11 p.m., a 2011 white Volvo tractor-trailer connected to the container and left the truck stop traveling south on I-75.  

With the assistance of the Florida Highway patrol, officers stopped the vehicle at the 423 mile marker near the exit of State Road 47 and the two male suspects are immediately taken into custody.  

Following the arrest and recovery the two suspects are taken into custody and brought in for interrogation, when it is realized that the trailer is not coming up as stolen in NCIC. Without an NCIC entry, the police do not have the grounds to arrest the suspects and seize the trailer. The arresting officers reach out to CargoNet and speak with Keith Lewis to explain the totality of the situation. Keith explains that the reporting agency probably failed to list the trailer, due to the fact that is an intermodal trailer (container and chassis) which is sometimes confusing to NCIC Operators. Keith assures them that the trailer is in fact stolen. After speaking with Keith, the arresting officers proceed with the arrest of the two suspects and impound the trailer for safe keeping. In the morning, CargoNet liaisons with Georgia Bureau of Investigation to get the local Sheriff to correct the NCIC entry so the suspects can be charged.