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Outcome: CargoNet & Law Enforcement Works Together in the Recent Takedown of Fictitious Pick Up Ring

Summary: CargoNet received  a report of a fictitious pickup occurring  in St Louis, MO. Immediately  CargoNet was suspicious of a relationship to a cargo theft ring out of the Chicago area. CargoNet worked   with the victim freight broker and the trucking carrier that had its identity compromised to identify more victim freight   brokers.  Surveillance and  correct and this ring out of Chicago, which was responsible for about 15 other fictitious pickups in the last two years, was involved. CargoNet was engaged with law enforcement on this group already and notified them of the most recent fictitious  pickups.  CargoNet's Command  Center supported the investigation ran by the FBI by collecting and organizing  information  from all  freight broker victims, running forensic  analyses, coordinating efforts   among multiple state agencies,  and providing leads using subject matter expertise on cargo theft and the supply chains.  In July, both drivers and the fictitious dispatcher responsible for these crimes were brought into custody by authorities.  Search warrants implicated the ring in the latest series of fictitious pickups as well as cargo thefts in the Chicago area dating back a year. CargoNet would like to recognize the incredible effort and teamwork by FBI   -­‐ St Louis, Illinois State Police, GMAT, Kentucky State Police, Bellefontaine Neighbors PD, New York State Police, NICB, and other fusion centers, state and local law enforcement.