The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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Outcome: CargoNet engaged a state cargo theft task force

Summary:  A few weeks ago, CargoNet was contacted by a member looking for help on a cargo theft from months prior. The manufacturer of the stolen cargo informed the victim carrier that they were receiving calls from customers all over the United States trying to register the stolen units. CargoNet’s member and the manufacturer had contacted the local police department numerous times about the theft, but never heard back from the assigned detective. The member was concerned the police department had no interest in investigating the case and contacted CargoNet to see if they could provide guidance. CargoNet engaged a state cargo theft task force regarding the new lead, got the case assigned, and provided investigative support to the agency.  

CargoNet urges its clients to share details about not just cargo theft losses, but the follow-up investigation, too. CargoNet’s Command Center can provide support in a myriad of ways and is always available as a resource.