The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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Outcome: CargoNet assisted LAPD in identifying the owners of various stolen products: Shrimp, Energy Drinks, Frozen Waffles, Assorted Fruit, and Assorted Beef.

Summary: CargoNet was contacted by LAPD stating that a search warrant was executed on a warehouse in Los Angeles, CA. The search warrant was executed and 3 suspects were subsequently arrested. The below listed products were present at the time of the raid. Some of the products were identified and recovered by querying the CargoNet system and through additional work with LAPD we were provided box pictures and lot codes, which were used to research and determine where the stolen products were shipped and who they were brokered to.

The following products were recovered at the scene:

  • 6 pallets of farm raised, tail on shrimp 16/25 which was fictitiously picked up on 8/5 in Anaheim, CA
  • Energy drinks stolen from Ontario, CA • Natural foods frozen waffles
  • Pineapple chunks, diced mangoes, and whole strawberries
  • Various cuts and quantities of beef