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CargoNet and NICB

Summary:  A CargoNet member reported a missing driver in  the Memphis, TN area that fell out of contact with their carrier. CargoNet tried to establish contact with the driver’s family but were unsuccessful.  Our next step was to ask NICB to check if the tractor/trailer was in NCIC and it was not, we then called the carrier to begin the process of getting it into NCIC.   CargoNet asked Memphis PD to assist with taking the report to which he agreed to help the carrier. As this was going on, the driver contacted the carrier and began making excuses why he had lost contact. CargoNet reached out to the driver for additional details on the condition and whereabouts of the tractor and trailer. The tractor and trailer were found, but the gas was siphoned from the vehicle, the trailer was missing two tires, and about half the load was stolen. Memphis PD asked that we then give the carrier their direct phone number and he proceeded to help them get the vehicle secured and impounded.  Although I don’t think it was ever officially reported stolen Memphis PD will be pursuing charges on the driver.