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2021 Supply Chain Risk Trends Analysis

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — CargoNet® reports recording 1,285 supply chain risk events across the United States and Canada, a 15 percent decrease in activity year-over-year. Fifty-five percent of events involved theft of at least one heavy commercial motor vehicle, like a semi-tractor, semi-trailer, or intermodal chassis or container. Fifty-four percent of events involved theft of cargo or attempted theft of cargo. The average cargo value per cargo theft was $172,340, for an estimated total of $57.90 million in cargo stolen across the United States and Canada in this analysis period. 

California remains the top state for reported cargo thefts in 2021, recording a thirteen percent increase year-over-year. This comes as no surprise, as California continues to struggle with an increase of sophisticated attacks on shipments of computer components across the Bay Area and Southern California.  Texas recorded the second most activity and saw a sizable, but less drastic year-over-year decrease of fifteen percent.  Florida rounds out the top three states with a slight increase of six percent and continues to see a shift from Miami-Dade into Broward, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, and surrounding counties.


Cargo thieves continued to show a strong preference for electronics shipments, which saw a significant 34 percent increase year-over-year.  Specifically, CargoNet has noted increased targeting of consumer electronics shipments – particularly computers and accessories. Household items were the second most stolen commodity but dropped compared to 2020. Household cleaning supplies saw a major decrease from 2020 this is mostly attributed to the increase in demand for cleaning supplies and household paper products particularly at the start of the pandemic. In contrast, food and beverage thefts dropped 35 percent, because supply chain partners reported fewer pilferages of these products.

Entering 2022, CargoNet expects that theft activity will remain elevated. We continue to be concerned about the increase in rail thefts and targeting of computer electronics shipments shipping from California, as well as a breakout of full truckload cargo thefts spreading across the eastern half of the United States. CargoNet continues to track these events and work with law enforcement agencies across the country to share information and recover stolen vehicles and goods.

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