The cargo theft prevention and recovery network

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Cargo Theft Data

CargoNet’s data consists of information on stolen commodity type, theft incident location and date, cargo origin/destination and loss value, as well as additional analysis generated from 144 specific data fields. The information can be used to:

  • Measure supply chain security risks, especially with regards to over-the-road transportation.
  • Allows members to make data driven decisions
  • Provide tangible insight from historical theft trends
  • And much more…

The data assists transportation professionals in mitigating risk by pinpointing areas of vulnerability surrounding the movement of goods, mapping patterns of theft against the flow of goods, and forecasting future cargo theft challenges.


Insights and Advisories

2021 Third Quarter Supply Chain Risk Trends Analysis

CargoNet® reports a total of 359 supply chain theft and fraud incidents across the United States and Canada in the third quarter of 2021.

2021 First Quarter Supply Chain Risk Trends Analysis

CargoNet® reports similar levels of supply chain crime activity as first-quarter 2020, despite changes to targeted commodities and tactics used by cargo thieves. 

2020 Supply Chain Risk Trends Analysis

For 2020, CargoNet® reports recording 1,676 supply chain risk events across the United States and Canada, a 16 percent increase in activity year-over-year. 

2021 Second Quarter Supply Chain Risk Trends Analysis

In the second-quarter of 2021, CargoNet ® recorded 341 supply chain risk events in the United States and Canada. 

Holiday Advisories

Labor Day Weekend Cargo Theft Trends

In total, CargoNet recorded 134 events involving cargo theft or theft of a trucking vehicle in the analysis period.

July 4th Holiday Cargo Theft Trends

CargoNet is extending warnings about significant theft risk to freight for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Cargo thieves will seek to exploit extended business closures this upcoming holiday to steal more cargo.

Memorial Day Weekend Cargo Theft Trends

There were 143 events reported with an average of 29 events per year. Activity for latest Memorial Day Weekend 2020 increased 35% from previous year's holiday period.ations.