Summary: CargoNet put out an alert on 5/31/2013 from a report that on 5/30/2013 at 11:49 PM a CargoNet member received a call from a man with an Eastern-European accent claiming to be Richard of Qualls Enterprises. The suspect was interested in a commodity of bottled juices going from Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA and then to Florida. The carrier was not setup with the CargoNet member and the member e-mailed over their packet to him. He offered to do the job for $6,000 which was a red flag. The member proceeded to check SAFER and realized his information did not match and requested that he call back with his SAFER information. The man never called back.

Summary: Stemming from a fictitious pickup on 5/21/2013 from Bolingbrook, Illinois (involving a CargoNet member) and a subsequent alert sent out by CargoNet the Illinois State Police (ISP) developed a Confidential Informant (CI). This CI brought information over to the Illinois State Police concerning the warehousing of said chocolate. Working off this CI and victim identification provided by CargoNet, the Illinois State Police raided a warehouse and recovered the load of Food Products, (chocolate) and a load of alcohol stolen out of Cicero, IL ( 2 tractors, and 2 trailers). The recovered loads will be returned to the victims. There were a few boxes of the food products missing, which were probably given out as samples, and some boxes of alcohol were also missing.


Summary: USDA/Bacon case – The end of May a $300,000 load of Applewood Smoked Bacon was reported stolen from Fontana, CA to CargoNet. CargoNet involved California Highway Patrol’s CTIP and later USDA OIG and Altoona, IA police department.  A recovery was made in Altoona, IA and the USDA reported that they are interrogating a suspect in the case.  In the following week USDA OIG contacted CargoNet to investigate a possible clothing theft that the suspect may be involved in, which could lead to further charges.

Summary: CargoNet received information that a tractor, trailer and cargo had been stolen. An alert was sent out and a member of the LASD located the trailer attached to an unrelated stolen tractor. The thieves changed the plates on the trailer. However the Sheriff's Officer became suspicious when the trailer was connected to a stolen tractor. The VIN matched what was indicated in the CargoNet alert and both vehicles were towed back to LASD yard. The tractor and cargo are still missing.

Summary: On Wednesday, 8/7/13, CargoNet received notice of a trailer theft from Franklin Park, IL. The trailer was equipped with GPS and logs show it briefly traveled to Summit, IL where it may have changed tractors and then drove straight for Philadelphia, PA. The GPS tracking device was not disabled until after it had reached Philadelphia. As soon as the trailer was confirmed to be in NCIC, CargoNet contacted Philadelphia PD and gave them the location of the trailer. The trailer was promptly recovered.


Summary: This week, CargoNet assisted in a criminal investigation by identifying the exact time of the theft of a tractor and trailer stolen over the weekend. The theft was thought to occur either on Saturday or Sunday. CargoNet asked the victim if the tractor had a SunPass device and helped the victim call SunPass and obtain logs of the device being used by the thieves. SunPass showed the transponder was used twice during the middle of the night on Sunday and helped law enforcement determine where the stolen equipment went to.

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